Pascal Petzinger

Electronic Product Design, Art-Science.

Terror Management, installation, 2006

The "talking heads" in the media are talking to you for 24 hours per day. Those faces that talk all day to you. The world has become small in nearly a hundred years. From everywhere there is information coming at you and the psyche of the human is not (yet) adapted to all of this. If you don’t watch out, you take in so many stimulae that you can become numbed. For this way of information processing and exclusion by humans, the term Terror Management can be used.

The installation Terror Management has become an installation where the artists’ interpretation on his media experience is shown. You see talking faces off of the television, from the news, opinion programms and talkshows. There are images from the war on Iraq, but also pulp shows. Like you are zapping along the programms on the television. The images and sounds are treated in a way so that they become a distorted mash.

The work is built up as so called closed system, a system where the end result is dependent on every link in the chain. The image of mixed faces is beamed on a reflective foil which is hanging in a white frame on eye height. Suspended behind the foil is a speaker which puts out the voices of the faces to be seen. The foil reflects the final distorted video image on the wall opposite to the frame. The registration video on this page shows the final reflected image on the wall.