Pascal Petzinger

Electronic Product Design, Art-Science.

Publication, nomination:

Esemplasticism, the truth is a compromise. Club Transmediale, Berlin. Catalogue, essays. H2audiO.
Frank Mohr Institute. Groningen. Final Exam Catalogue. H2audiO.
Spectropia. RIXC, Riga. Catalogue. Terror Management.
Awarded title of Dutch HOT100 (in media, art, design and technology) of 2008 by Virtueel Platform. Now: Het Nieuwe Instituut.
AFO44 Festival. Olomouc. Catalogue. Jurymember scientific film festival and artist profile, Terror Management, Speakercreatures.
Academy Minerva. Groningen. Final Exam Catalogue. Terror Management.

Exhibitions, performances:

27 June 2015 - Curious Sound Objects III, The space between.
The aeronaut brewery exhibition space, Somerville, Massachusetts, The United States of America.
Terror Management, group exhibition.

29 January - 28 February 2010 - Club Transmediale, Esemplasticism.
SPA 2 location, Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany.
H2audiO, group exhibition.

04 July - 09 July 2009 - Final Exam exhibition, F.M.I. Master of Fine Arts.
Former museum of nature in Groningen, The Netherlands.
H2audiO, group exhibition and presentation of thesis: On perception, behaviour and interface.

14 April - 19 April 2009 - AFO44 Festival (Academia Film Olomouc).
Palacky University of Olomouc, Czech Republic.
- Part of international Jury of the scientific documentary festival.
- Terror Management (video installation), solo exhibition as part of the festival.
- Speaker Creatures performance during the opening of the festival.

17 October - 25 October 2008 - Spektropija, art + communication festival.
RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture, Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia.
Terror Management, group exhibition.

10 May - 18 May 2008 - Kunstvlaai? A.P.I. Art Pie International.
De Gashouder, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Terror Management, group exhibition second year students of F.M.I. Masters.

9 November - 11 November 2007 - Audio Office #2 Festival.
Former I.B.G. building, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Performance: Speaker Creatures.

1 July - 8 July 2007 - Day and Night, the institute.
Media Art Friesland building, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
H2audiO v.0.3, group exhibition.

17 June - 15 July 2007 - Enter at own risk
Gallery Het Langhuis, Zwolle, The Netherlands.
Terror Management, group exhibition.

9 June - 8 July - Audition / Dissecting the ear.
Gallery Sign, Groningen, The Netherlands.
H2audiO v.0.2, group exhibition.

17 April 2007 - Open day F.M.I.
F.M.I. Painting building, Groningen, The Netherlands.
H2audiO v.0.1, group exhibition.

9 July -14 July 2006 - Final Exam exhibition, Academy Minerva, Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Academy Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Terror Management and thesis: Gesloten systemen binnen de media en installatie kunst.
(Closed systems within media and installation art).

5 November 2005 - Audio Office #1 Festival.
In Kaleido building, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Co-organiser and exhibition of the work: Terror Management, test version.

23 February 2002 - Artefact.
Niggendijker (now NP3), Groningen, The Netherlands.
Co-organiser and exhibition of anonymous work that could be taken home for free by the visitors
after a short explanation on why this work was chosen.


2006-2009 - Interactive Media and Environments, Master of Fine Arts.
(Now: Media, art, design, technology)
Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.

2001-2006 - Bachelor of Fine Art, Media Art.
Academy Minerva, Groningen.

1994-2000 - Diploma in Electronics, Telematics, Datacommunication.

1990-1994 - Diploma in Electrotechnics.



Concept, Production: Pascal Petzinger.
Conceptual discussion: Sonia Cillari.
3D Prototyping, 3D Animation, VRML port: Arjan Blom, Pascal Petzinger.
Mechatronics assistance: "Marcus Mechatronics" Olthof, Harm-Jan Stuut.

Terror Management:
Concept, Production: Pascal Petzinger.
Conceptual discussion: Peter Bogers.


Speaker Creatures:
Concept, Production, Performance: Pascal Petzinger.


Een geconcentreerde observatie van een kleine gebeurtenis.
Concept, Production: Pascal Petzinger.
Conceptual discussion: Peter Bogers.

Concept, Production: Pascal Petzinger.
Conceptual discussion: Peter Bogers.


Design: Pascal Petzinger, Aarnoud Meijer.
Php Programming, script coding: Aarnoud Meijer.