Pascal Petzinger

Electronic Product Design, Art-Science.

Speaker Creatures, performance, 2007.

Speaker Creatures deals with the thematics of behaviour, sound, sound energy conversion and perception or more specific: Anthropomorphism.

Three loudspeakers are used in an unconventional way and now are used to convert sound to movement.

The sounds are made live on the spot while trying to influence the movement or behaviour of the Speaker Creatures with the available parameters (sequencer start/ stop, amplitude, frequency/ equalizer, synthesizer parameters). This makes for an unique interface between the performer and the "controlled" elements.

This performance was developed while building the H2audiO installation and shares the same concept of behaviour, perception/ anthropomorphism and sound used in a non standard environment. While building H2audiO, the Speaker Creatures performance acted as a way to try to find behaviour characteristics and anthropomorphic projections in these inanimate objects.

The video on this page shows the Speaker Creatures performance, halfway the video a combination performance can be seen together with the "response du son" installation of Jeran arts. This is a robotic installation that interprets and converts audio signals to a woodcut that afterwards can be printed in an ink press.
The live produced sounds are fed to response du son as it makes a live woodcut from these sounds. The sounds of the Speaker Creatures are adapted to fit the rhythm and sound of the response du son installation.

Click here to see an interview for Czech national television after a performance at the AFO44 festival in Olomouc, the Czech Republic.

"You're like a puppeteer without total control"
Sonia Cillari.